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With the current lack of jailbreaks available for all users, it is no surprise that we have had to start looking elsewhere to get some of the content we got used to with Cydia [ext link]. One of the main reasons why some people install jailbreaks is to get their hands on apps like AppSync and vShare [ext link], apps that give you fast access to paid and premium content from the iOS app store. With Cydia being unavailable for many users, it would seem that there is nothing to do but wait for another jailbreak. Luckily, we have AppToko at our disposable, an interim solution that will suit all users.

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What is AppToko ?

It is an app store that is full of great content, including games, apps, ringtones, themes, even comics for your smartphone or tablet. It works on both iOS and Android devices, giving Android users a small taste of what jailbreakers have been able to access all these years. AppToko is packed with features listed below.

AppToko Features :

  1. Available on Android and iOS mobile platforms
  2. Fast to use and packed with premium and paid content
  3. Download apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones, comics, eBooks and much more besides to help you customise your device in the way you want
  4. Download the top selling Android apps from the Play Store , and get your hands on exclusive content that hasn’t gone into the Android Store
  5. High-speed downloads
  6. AppToko allows you to download multiple apps at the same time, unlike many others who limit you to just one
  7. Unfortunately, AppToko is only available in Indonesian [ Also English Now ] right now so you will need to use a translator of some description to understand the instructions and what the app options are.

How to Get AppToko on iPhone or Android Device :

AppToko is very easy to download and use on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Check out the linked articles below for more details on how to download and install AppToko and how to delete it if you run into trouble or find that it isn’t what you want.

While AppToko doesn’t offer anywhere near what Cydia offers on the iOS platform, it isn’t a bad stand-in and it does give you back your fast access to paid content. So, let us know if you are going to use AppToko and how you get on with it.

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  1. Thank you AppToko team for this awesome app. now i can download free games and apps on my iPhone and android without having to pay a dime.

    Cheers to Apptoko Team !!!!

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