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While iOS users have been able to enjoy access to paid and premium content through Cydia for years, Android users have never had that opportunity because their devices cannot be jailbroken. Now though, a new app store called AppToko has been released, for both iOS and Android users, and it provides fast access to all the content you could possibly want. For Android users, this is a real bonus, allowing them to see some of what jailbreaking has provided for the iOS users all these years.

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AppToko Features :

AppToko is an easy app store to install and use and here are some of the key features :

  • Ideal for Android users as no jailbreak is needed
  • Simple to downed and use
  • High Speed downloads
  • Fast access to all the top selling apps, games, themes, wallpapers, eBooks, comics and much more from the Apple Play Store 
  • Simple to delete
  • Only available in the Indonesian language at the moment

How to Download AppToko on Android :

Please make sure you follow these steps exactly as written. If you don’t, then you will not be able to install AppToko on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Download the AppToko APK onto your computer
  2. Unzip the file and save it
  3. Send yourself an email containing the APK file
  4. On your Android mobile device access Settings > Security 
  5. Next to the option for Unknown Source Options is a box , make sure that box is checked. If you don’t do this, the APK will not be installed 
  6. From your Android device, open the email with the APK
  7. Download the APK onto your device
  8. Locate it and install it by tapping the file
  9. Wait while the installation completes , avoid touching anything on your device while this is being done 

AppToko should now be available on your device for you to use. Be aware that, as the app is only in Indonesian [ now in English also], you will need to use Google Translate or something similar on your mobile device to translate the in-app instructions and options.

Are you going to give AppToko a go ? Tell us your thoughts about it and let us know if you have any problems with it. If you find that you can’t get on with AppToko or you want to install it on your iOS device as well, heck out the linked articles below :

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