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AppToko is the latest app installer to be released, allowing those iOS users who cannot jailbreak right now to still have access to their favorite premium and paid content from the app store. Even better, the developers have made it available for Android users as well. Jailbreaking is becoming harder to do, with those utilities that have been released for iOS only available for some users. This has left a good percentage of the jailbreak community without any way of installing Cydia [ext link] and gaining access to all their favorite apps and games . AppToko gives us back that option.

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AppToko is an app store that is packed with apps and games, both premium ones and paid, form the iOS app store and from other places as well, including exclusive content that can’t be got from anywhere else. It is fast to use and you can find out more details, including how to download it in the linked articles below:

If you do use it and find that, for some reason, you need to delete it, don’t worry because it is easy to do so. Here’s how

How to Delete AppToko :

There are two ways to do this  explained below.

Method 1 :

  1. On your iOS device, open Settings > General > Profile 
  2. Locate the profile for AppToko and tap on it
  3. Now tap Delete Profile
  4. Come out of Settings and AppToko will be gone from your device

Method 2 :

  1. Find the AppToko icon on your home screen 
  2. Tap and hold it until it starts to wiggle
  3. Tap the cross that in in the top right corner of the icon
  4. Tap on Delete to confirm this is what you want to do 
  5. AppToko will be deleted from your device

Video: Watch to see how this is done

Why You Should Give AppToko a Go :

There are plenty of reasons why you should at least try AppToko. Although it doesn’t give you access to all of the tweaks you enjoyed on Cydia, it does give you lots of other content that you can use on your iOS device. As well as not needing to jailbreak to install it, here’s why you should give it a go:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Easily deleted
  • Packed with access to loads of apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers, themes, comics, eBooks and more besides
  • Fast access to all the paid and premium content you could ever need

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