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If you find yourself unable to access Cydia [ext link] because the latest jailbreaks don’t work on your iOS device, there is another way to get your hands on the latest paid and premium apps and games.  It’s an app installer called AppToko and it doesn’t just work on iOS; Android users can also install it and take advantage of the benefits and the great features of AppToko. iOS has proved to be notoriously difficult to jailbreak and, as we all know, Android users can’t jailbreak so AppToko [ about ] is the ideal solution for all and it is fully compatible with the iPad.

Image : AppToko iPad Download

Features of Apptoko iPad App :

AppToko is more of an app store, packed with content and features and, although it will never be as in-depth as Cydia it does give users some measure of access to content they could only otherwise get by jailbreaking. Features include:

  • No need for a jailbreak
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Download from thousands of games, apps, themes, ringtones, comics, eBooks and a whole lot more 
  • Choose from the top rated and top selling apps and games from Android and iOS app stores
  • Fast download speeds
  • User-friendly
  • Download multiple apps at once
  • Available in Indonesian and English languages
  • Fully optimized for the iPad

Download AppToko on iPad :

Downloading AppToko on the iPad is easy and one of the biggest benefits is the larger screen size, allowing you to play your games and read your books far easier. Please note that this method won’t work on any browser other than the Safari browser:

  1. Open Safari on your iPad and go to 
  2. When the web page has loaded up, tap the UP arrow. You will find it in the top right corner of your iPad screen 
  3. Now several choices will load across the bottom of the screen so tap on Add to Home Screen 
  4. Now you need to provide a name for the icon so call it AppToko and tap on the Add button 
  5. When you close Safari, the AppToko icon will be on your iPad home screen 

Video: This shows you how to do these steps

Deleting AppToko is easy and the instructions are in the linked article below along with full instructions for Android users :

Will you be downloading AppToko onto your iPad? Let us know what you think of it and for more tips and tutorials like this, follow us on Facebook.

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